Providing Service 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week With Over 30 Years of Experience

We truly believe that we are only as strong as our staff. We employ qualified individuals who excel in their positions.

Bell Home Care Staffing, LLC is a vendor for the North Los Angeles County Regional Center. We service Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley and Antelope Valley Regional Centers.

At Bell Home Care, we provide services on an hourly basis, or if needed, round-the-clock support is available. Our staff will provide a free in-home assessment to evaluate your specific needs. At Bell Home Care Staffing LLC, our committed staff of employees work together every day to deliver our mission: to provide the highest level of satisfaction for our clients based on their needs and disabilities. We consistently monitor our care and duties as the needs change.

Bell Home Care Staffing, LLC, formed in Newhall, California, with a clear understanding of the community's needs. We believe that communication and understanding are the two most important factors needed to provide a delicate balance in-home care.

Our experienced staff will continue to display compassion and integrity throughout the years to come. We are grateful to our many supportive friends and families that have encouraged us along the way.

Mother Feeds Kid Girl